Monday 14/08/2017

CrossFit SPEED – CrossFit


Arrive at 8.30 to warm up and be ready to go as a team by 9am (the workout has a 2 hour running clock if required)

Teams of 4 (can be done as pairs)


30min: Metcon (Weight)

2 athletes start on part A. 2 on A section 2, at the completion of section 2 athletes with switch. Score will = tally of 4 lifts + weight of completed 800m carries max 2, once finished move forward, at 30 minutes you will be automatically move on)

Part A (A & B)

Buy in 400 d/us


Find heavy

1 Power Clean

1 Hang Squat clean

1 Thruster

Part A section 2 (Ath C & D)

800m Farmers carry 64/48

*athletes will start the carry with 15 suitcase dealifts and alternate every 100m , every change the deadlifts must be performed again.

Metcon (Time)

Part B

20 Muscle ups / 50 pull ups

30 Burpee over bar

50 wall balls 9/6

30 burpee over bar

50 Hang power snatches 42.5/32.5

30 burpee over bar

50 OH squats 42.5/32.5

20 Strict HSPUS

* athletes work through as a pair alternating pairs every movement, both pairs must complete the movement before moving forward. The pair not on the chipper must complete 40 calories for males 30 for females on the AAB or rower while their corresponding pair is working. At each rotation this is required.


Definatly some stretching / ROM WOD / active recovery swim

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