CrossFit SPEED – Bootcamp

30min: Metcon (Time)

400m run

10 syncro squats

10 syncro lunges

60 box jumps

300m run

20 syncro squats

20 syncro lunges

60 box jumps

200m run

30 syncro squats

30 syncro lunges

60 box jumps

100m run

40 syncro squats

40 syncro lunges

60 box jumps

once completed max syncro burpees until remaining time 🙂

4 people in the team have to be holding the equipment that has been prescribed in the team and must not touch the ground in the whole entire workout run and all u can swtch through as needed but no equipment can be on the ground…

Equipment is

1 wall ball

1 kettle bell

1 dumbell

1 plate weight

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