CrossFit SPEED – Bootcamp

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6min: Warm-up (No Measure)

800m run

15m duck walk

6 hindu push ups

60 single skips

30min: Metcon (Time)

Death by

Round one

20 squats , Adding 2 reps every min until out

Round 2

8 burpees , add every every minute until failure

Round 3

12 wall balls, add 2 every min until failure

Round 4

15 push ups , add 1 reps every min

Round 5

10 pull ups , add 1 rep every min until failure

If u fail to complete all reps within the min, u will have a penality to complete once the penality is paid u will rest until the next round

penality will be

15/20 cal assault bike sprint

300m run

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