CrossFit WOD, June 29, 2019

Saturday 29/06/2019

Movement Prep
3 Rounds
10 banded good-mornings
200m Run
10 scorpions
7 wall angels

30min running clock
Metcon (Time)
(Team 3)
Leg 1
Row (A1) Bike (A2) Burpees OB (A3)
1.6km 4km/2.5m 60

Leg 2
Row (A3) Bike (A1) Burpees OB (A2)
1km 3km/1.9m 45

Leg 3
Row (A2) Bike (A3) Burpees OB (A1)
500m 1.6km/1m 30

Athletes will work at the same time and can only switch once all parts on each leg are completed, athletes must perform a different movement on each leg. The Athlete structure above is a guide
Push Jerk (build to heavy single)
can use the racks

“Filly Press” (Weight)
Working in a seated position, holding kettlebell in opposite hand in the front rack position, the press starts with the DB in the supinated (knuckles facing away you) front rack position and finishes overhead in a pronated grip (knuckles facing behind you)

Males use 32kg KB for front rack.
Females using 20-24kg KB for front rack.

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