CrossFit WOD, September 12, 2019

Thursday 12/09/2019

Pre class Prep
50/35 cal skii
– Banded prep
– pigeon hold (banded distraction)
– Couch stretch (banded distraction)
– Forward fold (band for pnf)

Movement Prep
Coach led
– Rowing
– aab (pacing)
– Shoulder prep

6 Pairs will start on part A
6 Pairs will start on part B

* Allow 3 Minutes between pieces

Metcon (Time)
Part A
1000m Row
36m Handstand walk
100 Alt dumbell snatches 22.5/15 (switch every 25)
36m Handstand Walk
1000m Row

Handstand can be subbed for a wheelbarrow or bear crawl
Metcon (Time)
Part B
85/55 cal AAB
4 x 20m Sandbag lunges
50 Strict HSPU’S
4 x 20m Sandbag lunges
85/55 cal AAB

RX – 40/30kg sandbag (strict handtands full range)

Scaled where needed but volume is shared so maintain a fair level of difficulty.
* Lunge will be 10m out and 10m Back

Rst and Recover
– ROM wod (be disciplined)

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