Pre Enlistment Program


The Program is written in 4 stages, each of which spans over 2 weeks.

Get ready for your enlistment fitness testing, this program is designed to prepare you for the enlistment testing pre-defense entry!

Program delivery options:

1 – PDF (follow at your own pace)

2 – APP (accountability, tracking, and ease of use) App access allocated within 24hrs with the program starting on the closest new week

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Welcome to the Unbound Athletic Pre-enlistment Program!

I’m Hollie, the author of the program.

I am one of the coaches here at Unbound Athletic, as well as an Exercise Physiology student, and spent 6 years full-time in the Army, now serving as a reservist.

Throughout this process, I have learned the importance of developing a strong foundation on which to build the rest of your movement. This principle of building a strong foundation is what guides the way this program has been written.

By the end of this program, you should have the ability to pass your chosen services basic fitness assessment, as well as develop the strength and endurance to be comfortable and confident in performing the training required.

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