tuesday 19/9/2017

CrossFit SPEED – Bootcamp


100m run x2

10 syncro squats

8 synco push ups

5 syncro burpees


42 wall balls –300m run

42 dumbbell cleans —-400m row

42 pull ups ——–300m run

42 dumbbell deadlifts —-400m row

42 ring push ups ——300m run

42 box jump overs 400m row

42 knees to elbows 300m run

42 aks ——400m row

42 goblet squats —300m run

42 burpees——400m row

42 dumbbell snatches …300m run

42 weighted sit ups ——400m row

42 front rack dumbbell lunges —300m run

**team of 3 switching every 14 reps with every movement cannot sub in, team members have to complete 14 reps on every movement .

** Team must complete the run together, and the row must be completed how ever u like as long as everyone has a turn rowing each time.

** person B and C must be holding a plate weight over head while person A is working through there reps then change over.

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