3 Reasons Why BRACING Is Essential For Training

Humans have braced themselves since the dawn of time

Even without knowing it, you’ve braced yourself to move a TV, lift a couch, or get the groceries from the back of the boot.

It normally starts with the “3-2-1 LIFT” and ends with a few grunts.

But bracing correctly is ESSENTIAL for training, and here are 3 reasons why YOU should brace yourself, and how it can impact your lifts if you don’t

Bracing is the ability to keep tension throughout your torso so that your body doesn’t collapse on itself during your lifts.

Tension isn’t just for stopping your body collapsing, creating more abdominal tension actually produces additional force, allowing you to produce bigger numbers on your deadlift, squat, clean and snatch

Bracing not only keeps tension through the torso, but with the added tension comes stability.

By bracing, you are able to create a stable environment and distribute the load through the core which in turn allows you to work from a stable base and transfer significant forces into your movements.

This also stabilises your spine, keeping you safe throughout the lift

All that hard work bracing is about to pay off, by creating tension, we produce more force, and by created stability, we are able to distribute the load evenly throughout the body, both of these elements contribute to keeping a neutral spine, which allows circulation of bodily fluids, improves balance, and puts less strain on the bodies tissues. It also feels more natural, and reduces the risk of injury and fatigue

So bracing is a no brainer, but what impact does forgetting to brace have on our bodies?

  • Decrease the amount of force you can produce
  • Quicker fatigue and increased risk of sustaining injuries
  • Overactivity of the back muscles in order to stabilise which can cause pain and stiffness.

Well, each individual will have their own method of bracing, but here’s some common practices YOU can follow to optimise your bracing ability!

  • Take a deeper breath than normal into your belly. Creating an OUTWARD expansion of the diaphragm.
  • Contract your tummy as if Rocky Balboa is about to give you a nudge there
  • Hold the breath as you descend the squat, ascend the deadlift, as if you are underwater, and can only breathe once the rep has returned to the start

Be sure to add these concepts into your training routine next time YOU decide to Squat, Press, Deadlift, Snatch or Clean, and feel the improved stability, power, and control in your lifts



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