Find The Right Trainer For You Today!

At Unbound Athletic in North Lakes, we provide a range of coaching options and programs based on your health goals, fitness ability, and lifestyle. Our  experienced coaches can help you navigate the journey of health and fitness with individualised programs that are tailored to your needs and conveniently accessible – no matter where you are! Our experienced coaching team can work with anyone from  high level athletes all the way to general population. 

Our coaches work with CrossFit athlete, Field Sport athletes & much more. With over 10 years experience in the field enquire today & let our team take your athletic ability to the next level!

Our online coaching programs consist of personalized programming, training & movement feedback, workout reviews, weekly check-ins, movement assessments, nutrition guidance, and so much more. We aim to give you the tools necessary to continue making healthy choices, setting goals, and exceeding your own expectations. Through positive reinforcement, consistent motivation, and careful tracking of goals & performance, we believe you can get you on the right track.

Remote Coaching

(From $50 p/w)

Our remote coaching program is individualised based on your goals, ability, and lifestyle. Utilising remote technology, we provide an initial consultation and movement assessment, followed by ongoing training feedback, workout reviews, weekly check-ins, and optional nutrition coaching. This program is delivered weekly. 

We specialize in:

– Sports specific Strength & Conditioning (CrossFit, Field Sports and lots more)

– Weight loss & Muscle gain 

– Health & Performance

Whats included?

– Zoom / Skype consultations 

– 4 to 7 Days per week of custom programming 

– Detailed APP, allowing streamline program delivery and easy coach / client communication

– Onsite access options (extra $10 per week / Group programming access) 

Nutrition Consult

(One off $80)

The world of nutrition is complex and difficult to navigate. Our experienced trainers take out the guesswork with macro target reviews, goal setting, and lessons on how to track your intake so you can continue your fitness journey without help. We are passionate about providing all the information our clients need to take responsibility for their own health, fitness, and well being.

What included?

– Macro breakdown

– Meal guides

– In- Body Scan (onsite only)

– Goal setting & more

Looking For Structured
& Tested Programs?

Here at Unbound Athletic our experienced coaching team continue to develop and test general & specific training programs. 

This allows you to confidently take part in tested & proven training strategies to continue to improve overall capacity, fitness & skills.