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Today's Class Workout

UA CrossFit - Thu, Dec 7
Warm Up

Tabata Machine 20 on/ 10 off x 4


2 x

5/5 Thread The Needle + Tx Rotation

8 Squat to Hamstring Stretch

8 Cossack Squats

15s Ring Support Hold + 8 Ring Face Pulls


Wk 2/4 Muscle up Skills

- Shapes

Banded Hollow Lat Pull-ins

2 x 12 Reps

- Kip timing

Jump To: Toe Rise

3-5 x 1

- Turn over / pull up / ctb

2-3 x 1-2

- Play / perfect repeat sets

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

For Time: Every 10min x 3

30/24c Row

10 FR BB Lunges

6 WF Strict HSPU's / 2 Wall walks

10 Front Squats

15/12c Echo Bike

10 Weighted Sit-ups 15/10

6 Ring Muscle Ups / 12 TTR

10 Pistol Squats

Rx - 60/40

Int - 50/35

Sc - 40/30


Lower Back

Week 1-4

3min Forward fold