CrossFit Workout of the Day

What’s CrossFit WOD?

At Unbound Athletic, our CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) program helps clients stay on top of their health and fitness. With a regimen of varied functional movements, performed at high intensities, and in a communal environment, you can significantly increase your strength, conditioning, and overall fitness.

CrossFit is a fantastic community, full of likeminded people who are all interested in fitness, health, and self-fulfilment. Workouts of the Day consist of a wide range of exercises to increase mobility, improve strength, and build upon newly-acquired skills for effective results. If you’re interested in learning more about CrossFit, contact our team in North Lakes today.

Looking For A CrossFit Gym Near You?

Every day there is a new CrossFit workout (unless it’s a rest day). These workouts are specially designed to push you into new realms of fitness, while you make new friends in a supportive environment. With a different focus for each WOD, you’ll experience a range of different exercises over time.

This contributes to CrossFit’s all-over fitness approach. Because the workouts are designed to keep you on your toes, you never know what will happen next! From aerobic exercise, to strength training, to flexibility—CrossFit will introduce you to a world of quality instruction and carefully curated programs that will significantly improve your health and fitness.

Today's Workout

2min Machine (inc pace every 30s)
2 x
12m deathmatch
20 ES Lateral SL hops
6 Strict press + 4s Hold OH
4 Supine pull up negatives
Metcon (Time)
1000m Row
30 Dbl DB box stepovers 24/20"
300 D/us
60 BB Strict Press @40/30
75/60c Ski erg
50 Supine Strict Pull-ups
200/170c Bike Erg
70 Ring push-ups
100/70c Echo Bike
* Start pairs on different monostructural pieces to control for the ski
Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
12min AMRAP
4 Shuttle Runs
8 Box jump overs 24/20"
12 Alternating Db snatches 22.5/15
shuttle = 25ft up + 25ft back = 1 rep (25ft = 7.6m)
Box jump overs - must step down

* Shuttle standard is 2 feet over the line with a 1-hand touch.