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Welcome to Unbound Athletic in North Lakes! We provide a wide range of membership types including open gym options and a fully equipped weighted area section, with no lock-in contracts, admin fees, or join up fees. Depending on your timetable, health and fitness goals, and nutrition needs, you can choose the ideal membership type to suit your life. 

With a team of skilled and experienced trainers available, we provide everything you need on your fitness journey.

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All Fitness Levels — Fitness Centre in North Lakes, QLD

For All Fitness Levels

Experience the benefits of our many classes—suited to a range of fitness levels, health needs, and time schedules.
Heard about CrossFit but not sure what it’s all about? CrossFit is an evidence-based fitness program developed by Coach Greg Glassman over several decades. He was the first person to define fitness in a meaningful, measurable way. CrossFit aims to optimise fitness within a community that supports one another on a shared journey of strengthening and conditioning. The communal aspect of CrossFit is a key component of why it is so effective!

2. HIT:

HIT workouts are a fun and action-packed way to get fit, lose weight, and tone your body—all at the same time! Meet heaps of amazing people with similar interests along the way. You’ll often see these classes structured in an interval fashion to fully maximise intensity. Our classes consist of an exciting blend of activities, all of which are designed to challenge and transform your body. These activities include:

We train you hard, but never use intimidation tactics in doing so. Just fantastic trainers, positive motivation, and great programs carefully designed for maximum work rate and fast results.


GRIT is designed around increasing your aerobic and anaerobic capacity in a longer endurance setting. This class is based on a consistent timeframe of 30–40 minutes, depending on our warmup for that session, as well as the equipment required. GRIT contains varied levels of volume and intensity that will suit all experience levels – from beginners to advanced athletes. Each class carries a low to moderate skill level, meaning there won’t be too much to think about apart from staying on the move the entire class!
UA Grit — Fitness Centre in North Lakes, QLD
UA Compete — Fitness Centre in North Lakes, QLD


Loving CrossFit and wanting to push yourself a little bit more? Every Saturday, we get together and practice the skill of competing in the sport of fitness. This isn’t like your regular class. You get to throw down with our coaches whilst racing them in the workout. This is a more advanced level class; however, it is still CrossFit and doable at all skill levels.


Our skills class is for those looking to learn and refine the more advanced skills seen in CrossFit or functional training such as Handstand Push Ups, Ring Muscle Ups, Olympic Weightlifting and more. The program is written for all skill levels in mind, from beginner to advanced. This class will teach you something new every time.

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UA Strength & Skill — Fitness Centre in North Lakes, QLD


Our fully equipped open gym includes an upstairs isolation training area.

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