Unbound Athletic Endurance

Unbound Athletic Endurance

So what is Unbound Athletic Endurance ?

Unbound Athletic Endurance is designed around a template of increasing your aerobic and anaerobic capacity in an endurance setting.

This class is based around having a consistent time frame, every class of 30-40 minutes depending on our warmup for that piece as well as the equipment that will be required.

Containing varying levels of volume and intensity, that will suit the beginner through to the advanced athlete. Carrying a high level of movement variety to keep you on your toes each session!

Each class will carry a low to moderate skill level, meaning there won’t be too much to think about apart from staying on the move the entire class!

The Unbound Athletic Endurance class will differ to the Boot Camp class, so if you’re looking to get two sessions in a day then you’re sure to be doing something different across both sessions.


6.00am – 6.45am   Tuesdays and Fridays

5.15pm – 6 :00pm   Wednesdays

9.15am – 10.15am Thursdays

8:00am – 8:45 am Saturdays



Classes are for beginners, intermediate and advanced, you work in a very competitive but encouraging environment, the workouts bring all participants closer together as each individual goes through the same grueling workout. All we ask is you give your 100% effort, each and every time!

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