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Based in North Lakes, North of Brisbane, Unbound Athletic Training Centre has been providing the community with a range of functional fitness classes, coaching and nutritional and lifestyle advice since 2014. Whilst Unbound Athletic might look like a typical gym, we pride ourselves in providing a safe and motivating, family-like environment where we encourage people from ALL skill levels to give everything a go. Providing members with a fully equipped gym, the team at Unbound Athletic are dedicated to supporting the overall health and wellbeing of each and every member. Memberships are available with no lock-in contracts, admin or joining fees to ensure that every member can feel confident when embarking on their new health journey.

Based in North Lakes, the team at Unbound Athletic provides a range of programs for you to access and work out to through our training app. Designed by our trainers who have over 30 years’ worth of fitness knowledge, you’ll be able to access programs that are designed to provide structure to your training; outlining the process to hit your specific goals!


About Unbound ALL ACCESS

The benefits of engaging in regular physical activity has been well understood for many years,

including reduced risk of chronic health conditions, improvements in musculoskeletal and

mental health, improved cognitive ability, as well as facilitating increased self-esteem, social

interaction and a sense of belonging. However, here at Unbound Athletic, the team understands that for many it might not be as simple as ‘just moving’, and instead involves a number of psychological, social, environmental, and biological factors. Unbound Undefined is a program specifically designed to meet these needs. Designed for individuals aged 16 years and above, Unbound Undefined is designed for all individuals who experience difficulty engaging with standard gym programs, for example, individuals with:

  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Emotional regulation difficulties, such as anxiety
  • Motor coordination difficulties
  • Social skills difficulties
  • Organisational and planning difficulties

The team at Unbound understands that when it comes to health there is no one size fits all solution. Because of this when signing up to Unbound Undefined our trainers will not only take the time to fully understand your goals and current lifestyle, they will also take the time to get to know you as a person, including interests, strengths and perceived challenges. 

When signing up to Unbound Undefined, you will receive an initial consultation with an occupational therapist to discuss your current daily routine and previous barriers and facilitators to engaging with physical activity. You will then be matched with one of our experienced trainers to complete your initial physical assessment. Once completed you will

have the option of engaging with group, individual and online coaching, or a combination!

Group Coaching - Unbound Athletic

Group Coaching

Group coaching will be held on Saturday afternoons once the main gym has been closed this will allow for greater control over the sensory environment, as well as allow the programs to be developed specifically to the members’ needs. Groups will be capped at a maximum of eight participants with two coaches. Group classes will provide a safe and supportive environment for members to develop not only their physical skills, but also their social and emotional skills.

If you want to begin your fitness journey with Unbound Athletic in North Lakes, get in touch with our friendly team today. What are you waiting for, let’s go!

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