5 Toes-to-Bar Progression Tips for CrossFit Athletes

Are you looking to improve your toes-to-bar technique for CrossFit?

These tips will help you build the strength and skill needed to perform this challenging movement.

Before attempting toes-to-bar, it’s important to master the basic movements that make up the exercise.

Incorporate drills like hollow body holds, knee raises, and hanging leg raises into your training to build a strong foundation.  

It is important to not rush this process as you will eventually have to come back to this.

toes to bar strength drill
Movement is King
Tight kip swing arches
Strength is Power

Toes-to-bar require a lot of core strength, so make sure to engage your abs throughout the movement.

Keep your core tight and your legs straight as you lift them towards the bar.

Dynamic movements like the toes to bar are extremely demanding on the body & will require a great level of body awareness. 

Your grip can make a big difference in your ability to perform toes-to-bar.

Practice hanging from the bar with your palms facing away from your body and engage your lats to create tension.

This will help you maintain a solid grip and avoid slipping off the bar. Later down the track this will also allow for more consistent sets & patterns especially in grip intensive metcons. 

toes to bar progression movements
Resilience is Earn't
landmine anti-rotation
Progress Takes Time

To build the strength and technique needed for toes-to-bar, incorporate progressions like hanging knee raises, tuck-ups, and kipping swings into your training.

These exercises will help you improve your form and build the necessary strength and endurance.

Our programs will lay out some consistent structure and drills to help you achieve this. 

To improve your endurance and control, practice toes-to-bar in sets of 2-3 reps, gradually increasing the number of reps and sets as you improve.

This will help you maintain good form and avoid overexerting yourself.

Eventually you want to incorporate EMOMS here are to examples below: 

1: 5min EMOM (Repeat capacity)

3-5 Unbroken toes to bar


2: 8Min EMOM (Pre fatigue couplet)

Odds – 40% TTB Unbroken set

Evens – 40s Bike Erg @80% Effort

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Fun Is a State Of Mind


There are many ways to improve, but all will require you to structure, plan & finally execute. If you need help with this be sure to check out our professionally designed Toes-to-Bar Program. 


We are a functional fitness facility and understand we have biases like everyone else, we have attempted to be as objective as possible when creating this guide. Understand that what is value to one person may not necessarily be valuable to another. Thought and planned out choices always lead to better decisions & finally outcomes.

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