5 Benefits Of Personal Training

A personal trainer knows how to motivate you to get the most out of your sessions, a trainer can push u past self-doubt limitations and can challenge u more than u can on your own. 

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It’s easy to miss training sessions here and there or even fall off the bandwagon. A personal trainer will keep u accountable and make sure u stick to your training program.

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Create your own Success
Plateaus are almost part of a fitness journey as your body can go in a comfort zone from doing the same exercises every day.
A Personal trainer will help you get out of a rut, mix up your training and help you hit your goals again. 

Finding the right gym environment is essential to consistency and long-term results.

A personal trainer will create a comprehensive workout plan by planning your goals, availability, and health history. Examples being – any medical conditions or extensive injuries and niggles, your personal trainer can design a customized program that suits your needs and abilities. 

There are several aspects to mental health and physical activity is a longer underused tool. For one there has been a large amount of research that supports the positive side of physical activity assisting in the management of mental health. Training is a great way to help with depression, and anxiety and regain purpose. It does require some investment on your end, this process is important as you are more likely to invest time into something you paid for. 

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Comfort is to overcome Adversity

We often only see things at a surface level and when we dive into the amount of change personal training can create we see: 

It is more than just burning calories. It is community, health, lifestyle, and balance. 

By Deb Mawhinney

Coach | Mother | Trainer


We are a functional fitness facility and understand we have biases like everyone else, we have attempted to be as objective as possible when creating this guide. Understand that what is valuable to one person may not necessarily be valuable to another. Thought and planned out choices always lead to better decisions. It is ok to invest in yourself and you can create your own change, you are always in control just take the wheel. If you have ay questions about Personal Training, get in touch with us today. We are happy to help!

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